Product Design Services

Our holistic and integrated process allows us to support clients at every stage in the product development cycle.

Contextual Studies

Understanding the environment your product will be used is critical at the start of the product design process.

This phase of the design process allows us to gather the necessary information to discover insights into the people, cultures, brands, markets, trends and technology related to your industry. Research findings allow us to make propositions that can compete and be disruptive in your marketplace.

During the research and planning stage, we use a range of methods which may include; contextual studies, ethnographic research, ergonomic assessments, usability testing, research of competitors, focus groups, trend analysis, and patent search.

Innovation Strategy

Innovation is fundamental to securing a market opportunity and to leap frog competitors.

Intellectual property is seen as a major factor towards commercial success and JMDA have over 30 years' experience in creating IP to help businesses thrive.

A tailored development strategy built around product, market and the business needs sets the foundations for the design objectives.

Market Intelligence

Understanding the current landscape within the target market allows a clear-cut direction in which to take your product.

Our research team will undertake in depth market analysis to gather current information of the intended target market for your product. We can identify the emerging social and cultural trends which effects consumer behaviour.

Human Factors and Usability

Human factors are vital in ensuring a product can be used by its target market group.

As product functions and features become more complex and diverse, user interaction can sometimes be neglected. JMDA approach each project with the user at the forefront of the design, so function and form can be unified through optimised ergonomics.

Products which are logical and obvious to the user reduce misuse and product failure, and a positive user experience increases customer satisfaction.

Conceptual Design

Concept design is about deciphering and resolving the design requirements – distilling a sketch of an idea into a viable, usable product within the commercial realities and design objectives.

During this phase the focus is specifically on the overall styling and functional detail of the product. Our talented industrial designers and engineers collaborate together to explore different ideas which are presented through creative sketches, renderings and outline CAD models.

Colour, Material, Finish

Our extensive experience in working towards brand design guidelines gives us an edge in strategically communicating your products features.

As well as our own depth of knowledge in CMF, we have partners that specialise in CMF for a diverse range of products, including soft goods, plastics and mould textures.


Prototyping enables us to understand how a product looks, functions and performs prior to investing in costly tooling.

JMDA recommend prototyping a range of models prior to manufacture in order to substantiate design decisions. Deciding on the ideal prototype depends on the purpose for which it is intended. Typical requirements for prototypes include; styling / visual models, ergonomic block models, fully functional prototypes for testing, rapid prototyping and pre-production / rapid tooling.

We have an onsite workshop and 3D printing facility, alongside several long-term prototyping partners allowing us to produce prototypes quickly and professionally, to suit the needs of every budget.

Mechanical Engineering

Our structured engineering approach is driven by a wide breadth of experience, technical skill and creativity.

We focus on achieving efficient and structured CAD data while maximising the engineering solution to best meet performance and function expectations, with cost effective manufacture.

Mechanical engineering is a broad term that considers the product’s functions and needs, materials, assembly, quality and price to ensure the best outcome. We refine the design to work with the production and assembly methods. Our competency includes; mechanical system design, electro-mechanical design, detailed 3D CAD modelling, material and process selection, tolerance stacks and analysis and 2D production drawings.


Or simulation partnership with ESI allows for going beyond the requirements of the regulations to mitigate any future risks and optimise product safety.

JMDA and ESI have partnered up to offer Virtual Prototyping of Child Car Seats. Simulation opens up fresh opportunities to innovate, prove new concepts, test the limits and establish sound due diligence evaluations for new designs. The time and cost to manufacture can be significantly reduced by carrying out tests during concept development and engineering to validate a design before investment in tooling and initial testing.

Vehicle Compatibility Services

The unique vehicle compatibility database developed by JMDA Design enables compatibility of car seat designs to be established well before the design is finalised and tooling is initiated.

Through years of experience and the gathering of key installation data from vehicle seating, JMDA can assess the compatibility of child car seat design in the early stages of the design process. Using 3D CAD data, the suitability and optimised fit can be checked to ensure a broad compatibility with vehicle models from as early as 2006 to the present day. The vehicle seating criteria are contained within a unique database of more than 450 European models, 355 Chinese models and 200 Japanese models.

Product Testing

We deliver products which are robust and safe, and perform well under the rigours of anticipated use and misuse.

Meeting statutory regulation and compliance is essential, however understanding and ensuring the product performs well under the rigours of use and application is key to maintaining consumer confidence in the product and the brand. Often a specific standard can be interpreted in different ways, and our design team will work closely with the test house to ensure the outcome is successful.

Manufacturing Support

We have a unique relationship with factories all over the world to ensure a seamless process when turning your design into reality.

Production is a critical part of any products success. Cost efficiency, quality management, reliability and increasingly energy efficiency are important components to be integrated into the Product Design process. JMDA has considerable knowledge and experience in a wide range of production processes, planning and management. With an office in Shanghai, we can ensure a quality manufacturing process.