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Transforming ideas into reality is an exhilarating journey to create something extraordinary

  • Drafting initial models for technical projects and maintaining regular communication with the client until the patent is successfully obtained
  • Assisting students in the preparation of graduation projects.
  • Facilitating students' readiness for global technology competitions


Product design and modeling

Develop the prototype, electronic circuit, and 3D modeling for the products.

Training services

Offering professional development programs and preparatory courses for individuals keen on honing their technical skills and preparing for international competitions

Educational services

Introducing the Professional Diploma in Digital Manufacturing offered by the prestigious MIT-accredited Fab Academy.

Lab Devolopment

Establishment and Provision of Innovation and Modeling Laboratories.

Our Clients

Salam Schools Salam Schools
Royal Commission Royal Commission
Princess Norah University Princess Norah University
Robo Tweak Robo Tweak
General Entertainment Authority General Entertainment Authority
Monsha'at Monsha'at
Ahsaa Schools Ahsaa Schools
Imam Assim Schools Imam Assim Schools
Riyadh Schools - Jubail Riyadh Schools - Jubail

Our Products


نشكر لكم ونقدر هذه المبادره لبناء جيل يستطيع أن يصنع تقنيات وبرمجيات ، لحل المشكلات، وتصحيح الأخطاء، وتصميم الحلول، وتطوير المشاريع وتحويل استخدام الحواسب من ترفيه الى تعليم جاذب وذكي ، لكم مني فائق الاحترام والتقدير .


🌹نشكر جهودكم المتميز 🌹نشكر هذه المبادرة الرائعة والشكر موصول لجميع اعضاء فريق العمل في الجهات المشاركة


It was a great and lovely experience that IT was something we had never tried before and your team was very cooperative.


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